. . . that 67 degrees would feel HOT!?! It’s so awesome!!!

What a winter we’ve all had this year!! (Let’s hope it’s close to over) Typically this area around Virginia Beach rarely sees much really cold weather during the winter. Snow is something kids dream of. But this winter has been different. We’ve seen snow. . . several times. In fact, it was snowing here once while I was texting my friends in Seattle, Washington where it was 60 degrees and sunny there. Talk about opposite weather forecasts.

I saw the predictions for the week and I saw 60 degree plus temps forecasted and I thought that was great. What I didn’t fully appreciate was exactly HOW WARM 67 degrees feels after you’ve been freezing your tush off for months. It feels like Summer!!!!! Woohooo!! Talk about a difference in my disposition. I broke out the t-shirt and shorts and felt like MYSELF again. . . only much, much whiter. (I’ll have to work on that)

My boss, the one I like, was in a really bad mood today. Something that usually really bothers me. (I take everything personally) (And well, it bothered me a little) But today, it didn’t bother me as much as usual. It’s something about warm weather that lightens up my day. No matter who’s grouchy. No matter how much stress I’m under. Sunshine and warm temps are the ANSWER!! My cure-all to what ails me.



I’m ready for my flowers!! They’re coming soon!!!!!