After the kids grow up?

I’ve always had all this energy that I directed toward my boys while they were growning up. You know the drill – driving them all over God’s green earth, helping them with incessant homework and their ongoing activities, and feeding them constantly. It’s stunning how much two teenage boys can eat! And they wanted to eat more than once a day; the nerve.

Well, with them on their own, I’ve been left with a lot of extra time and energy. The first thing I did was throw myself into my job. I didn’t do it conciously; it just sort of happened. In fact, I had one boss that bought me a book on Co-Dependency and ordered me to read it. He said I was co-dependent on my job for my self worth and happiness, and he was doing his part to help save me from myself.

Now my current boss, while he has always appreciated my “above and beyond” approach to my job, encouraged me to blog instead, use my computer skills to start a website, fill my free time doing something creative. I started with a little blog on Spaces a few years ago, where I actually met (literally and figuratively) a really great group of friends (lifelong friends). Then I expanded to a Vox blog and did both for awhile. Vox had a different kind of community. Then I ventured out on my own building my own site here at Yellow Jeep Blonde. (I’m totally lame and can’t think of a better name for myself. If YOU can, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me some suggestions)

I started just telling ordinary stories; just day to day life stuff, sharing pictures and jokes and such. But something was missing. I wasn’t passionate about it (translation: not nearly interesting enough). And apparently, I need to feel that passion. I was, afterall, passionate in raising my children. I’m passionate about my job (which sometimes gets me into trouble – I care TOO much) So I, again, asked myself what I wanted to do with myself.

That’s when I got a camera and started taking pictures. I LOVE photography and thought “How hard can it be?” As it turns out. . . it’s a lot more tedious than I thought it was. And I don’t have a natural eye. My oldest boy has a natural eye for composition and color; a real talent. His pictures put mine to shame.

My pictures being just so-so, I thought MORE about what my passion is. Excluding my family and my job, I’m still left wide-eyed wearing a big question mark as a top hat. Looking around my house and seeing the 14,503,649,218 cookbooks and cooking magazines and questioning my freakish obsession love in finding really good new recipes, a lightbulb went off. Ding! I’d share my recipes. Some tried and true old Southern classics, and my new recipes that I’d find delicious.

It sounds good in theory since I love to cook. I’ve dabbled in that for awhile posting delicious recipes on this site, but the site, Yellow Jeep Blonde, has NO relevance to cooking. SO, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into branching off into a different website that is totally devoted to cooking. I realize that there are a bazillion cooking sites out there already, BUT it’s what I love to do – my passion, so to speak. I love all things food related!

My problems lies wherein WHAT to call my little branch of a website. Yellow Jeep Blonde Cooks is kinda dumb. Jeeps and cooking don’t have a lot in common. In fact, being blonde has no relation to cooking either. (I’ve HEARD that brunettes can cook too) So I’m two for two on the ix-nay YellowJeepBlondeCooks-nay. This is where I need creative help. Does ANYONE have any genius ideas on what to call my little cooking site? “Self-professed cookbook hoarder” is too long. “Cookbook Slut” is too abrasive. I need something that is JUST RIGHT.

Help me, please!! Pretty please!