Is that what that was?  That was THE fastest trip/vacation ever! 


This crazy group of women all met in Gulf Shores, Alabama to attend Momma’s graduation from Nursing school.  Neither of us had ever even MET Momma, but we all knew her as if she were our own family.  [Left to right: Momma, Me, Demery, Martha, Mo]

We’ve been talking to her via blogs, emails, texts, phone, etc for over four years.  We’ve come to know and love her as our very dear friend.  (She’s actually my long lost Southern Soul Sista)  We encouraged her and supported her in this leap of faith into the Nursing world (We KNEW she was one smart cookie).  And we all promised her 2 1/2 years ago that we’d be there the day she graduated.  And we were.  We had no choice.  She did her part.  She stuck to it even when things got rough. 

So we all hopped on planes and went to beautiful South Alabama.Three of them came from Seattle.  I flew in from Virginia Beach.  One of her dearest lifelong friends flew in from Vancouver.  So it was a full-fledged celebration!  Hats off to Momma!


But boy that was a short trip!  I can’t wait to go back!!!  When I can stay for more than a minute.  My dear friends from Seattle had apparently never been south of the Mason Dixon line before and had no idea of the beauty and charm of the Southern beaches AND our Southern men.  Yes, Mo was CHARMED.  Our Cabanna Boy called her “Darlin’” and I believe she went into a daze.

By the time we left, the girls were all shouting, “WE LOVE ALABAMA!!”  I tend to agree, but that’s just the “Southern” coming out in me.  What can I say?  I’m partial to the Southern Drawl, Darlin’, and sugar white beaches. 

I’m thinking RETIREMENT location.