**Think “Annie” when you read that title**  The sun actually came out today though!  But I’ve had that song in my head all day. 

After four days of RELENTESS rain and WIND, the sun was quite the welcome change of pace.  This area absolutely got HAMMERED this past few days.  I’ve lived here in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area for 21 years ago this month.  I’ve seen several hurricanes and quite a few nor’easters (I admit I had no clue what that was when I first moved here, but it’s another name for a really nasty storm when you have an ocean to your east, a bay to your north, and rivers and tributaries running throughout every nook and cranny of your area).  I’ve seen wind damage, been through power outages for days, and have seen, been IN, and driven through some serious flooding. (Ex killed my Price Is Right car that way once) 

I’ve SEEN bad weather. BUT, I honestly have never seen wind and flooding like we had with this nor’easter (remnants of Ida).  It was worse than any hurricane that’s come before it in the last 21 years.  Don’t get me wrong.  We get the storms.  They come and go pretty quickly.  A flash in the pants most times.  But this dang weather system just sat on top of us and hovered like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  High tide after high tide.  Constant, relentless.  And the flooding was amazing.  The flood water was chest deep at the intersection of Boush and Olney streets in downtown Norfolk, a corner that I used to work. (Wow! That sounds like I was a street walker)  I’d seen that area flood before, but never CHEST DEEP.

Our weathermen were all so excited that they were dang near having orgasms on the air.  “Oooh Oooh!  It’s R.E.A.L.L.Y. windy and rainy outside!  **insert gutteral sounds**”  They get SO excited over the tiniest little weather phenomenom that you can just imagine how they were squirming in their shorts over ACTUAL WEATHER.  Bless their hearts (a Southern term that can summarize a variety of statements with its own little tone – too bad there’s no audio here).

But we survived it all!  Me and my trusty Jeep made it to work everyday.  The crew at work was VERY slim, but I was there!  Braving the elements, trudging through flood water.  And the General Manager made a comment about me wearing sneakers.  **insert gutteral sounds here too, only MUCH different**  He couldn’t say, “Hey, thanks for making it in.”  NO.  I get snide comments about wearing sneakers (like I was going to ruin my good heels in flood waters).  **more gutteral mumbling**

Tomorrow I will be wearing my proper footwear.