Who would have thought that 80 degrees would feel so good! The weatherman said that a cold front would be coming through our area overnight and today would be in the low 80s, and that that should really cool things down. And I thought, “That’s cool? He thinks 80 degree temps are cool?” Wow!

Well, as it turns out. . . after suffering through blistering, suffocating, mind-boggling heat. . . 80 degrees feels like Fall.

This has been the HOTTEST summer that I can remember! Did we even HAVE a Spring? I don’t remember it. It was frigid cold, then it was HOT. There was no in between this year.


Every weekend since my pool opened, it has been like this. . . AT or near 100 degrees. The water in the pool is almost to the boiling point. It’s more like an oversize jacuzzi. This is coming from the girl who always tiptoes into the water like a pansy.

But finally, some relief!