It’s not what you think. I don’t know what it means other than it’s been a month tomorrow that I filleted my right index finger and today it feels worse than the day I did it. There’s a reason though.

Last Friday, I accidentally ripped half the flap off (they called it “nature’s bandaid” – I called it part of my finger). It snagged on my shirt as I was changing clothes. Let me tell you how fast my entire body completely froze. It was stunning how quickly I froze as I realized what was happening. I think even my hair froze and I’m fairly sure that my hiney puckered abit. Then I ever so slowly released it from my shirt to look at it. ICK! Half the flap was torn half off exposing “not ready for primetime” skin.
Whereas they had wanted me to leave it open to heal, I did not take that advice. I was certain that they wouldn’t say that if they were looking at what I was looking at. So I put some Vitamin E on it and bandaged it back up ever so delicately.

THEN while I was at the doctor’s office this morning, she decided to trim it up some (after having soaked it for 15 minutes) so I wouldn’t have anymore snags. And the REST OF THE FLAP peeled off people! You want to know what she said? Huh? She said, “Ooops.” I said, “Doctor’s are not supposed to use the word Ooops. It shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary.” I kept thinking about Tom Hanks screaming “There’s no crying in baseball!” and thinking “There’s no Ooops’ in the doctor’s office!” But I got an Ooops. And it didn’t hurt her a bit.

Apparently, it had only barely been holding on (so she said). Now I’ve got what looks equivalent to a large, fresh burn; like a big, giant blister.

Finally, my finger has it! It had her attention. She HAD been manhandling it (she called it “massaging” it while I called it “manhandling” it) every time I saw her making me quake in my boots and wonder if my left hand was coordinated enough to take a swing at her and actually make contact. But not today. No, she was ever so gentle today. Thank goodness. I may have had to fight her with my lame left arm had she taken her normal stance.

Anyway, it’s bandaged up bigger and better than ever and she instructed me to be VERY CAREFUL with it, not to bump it, stretch it, or put any pressure on it or it my “burst”.

Now, there were a number of responses I had to those instructions. First, was “Duh! You don’t have to tell ME twice to be careful.” And second, the term “burst” sent shivers down my spine. Eeewww! I don’t want my finger to “burst”!!!

Let’s just say. . . I won’t be doing any cartwheels anytime soon. I’ll continue to henpeck at my keyboard with my awkward finger position. And Ouchie!!!!!