It feels like I’ve been in a timewarp with the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas disappearing before my very eyes. Now Christmas Eve is HERE! Aaaahhhhh! **runs screaming from the room with a laundry list of unchecked items on her To-Do List**

This past year has certainly had its challenges. Giant layoffs and shake-ups at work have left for some sleepless nights. The pisspoor economy, the recession, the constant fear of which shoe is going to drop next has left finding my usual Christmas inspiration increasingly more difficult.

However, Thanksgiving DID give me a little kickstart. We ALL went up to my ex’s traditional Thanksgiving family reunion at the cabin in West Virginia (me, both boys and the new DIL) and had a fantastic time. The whole big family was there (all but one neice and one nephew). I LOVE this family! And they love me. We were only there for a short time and had to get back home the next day so my oldest could go to work, but it enough time for their love and support to kickstart my holiday inspiration.

Then the Saturday following Thanksgiving, I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for my mom (so my boys get TWO Thanksgiving dinners) and invited my nephew over who didn’t get to make it to the cabin. I love Jeremy!! Such a sweetheart! It turns out that HE, inadvertently, was cause for even more holiday inspiration with a quick impromtu trip to Michaels (our local craft store) the next day. He was working on a project for his mom for Christmas and I was just along for the ride. He was wanting my creative opinion.

I wasn’t feeling particularly festive or creative. But apparently, the magic combination to cure my lack of inspiration was a craft store (I LOVE craft stores) and my nephew’s enthusiasm. (Hey Jeremy!!) And I even stepped outside of my usual box. Usually, my creative talents gear more toward painting of some sort. But this time, I was motivated in the floral department. There were SO MANY beautiful Christmas wreaths on display that I was impressed with. That and Jeremy’s encouragement made me think, “Hey, I think I CAN do that!” And I was off and running.


This is my very first attempt at a holiday wreath. (See Jeremy! You were right! I COULD do it!) Then I got excited and went back to the store and got enough stuff to make another one. I made one for my new daughter-in-law. She picked out her color scheme and gave me some idea of what style she was looking for. Again, I was off and running. Then I made another one for our holiday party at work.

This was not your typical holiday party at work. There was no holiday party provided by the company this year, so we went out on our own. My department all agreed to go to a local restuarant, have dinner, and do an Elephant Gift Exchange. My brilliant idea, since I was obsessed with making wreaths all of a sudden, was to make one as a door prize. Anyone who was interested in winning the wreath put their name in a hat and a name was drawn. The lady that works for me as the Data Entry Supervisor won and she was thrilled! The whole party was an overwhelming success. We all agreed that this is what we would do from now on (instead of the snooze-fests that we used to have). It was a good time!


Here’s part of my crew. I was lame and didn’t even REMEMBER my camera till half the people had left. (Maybe it had something to do with the two glasses of wine. . . just keepin’ it real) So these remaining folks had to endure my other obsession, my camera. Thanks ladies!!!