I’m trying to focus on something positive, and since I’m still pretty upset after the nasty Monday I had, I think I need to start with something small and work my way up. SO, I decided to try to focus on something positive about Fall. You know. . . since I AM SUCH a Summer person. Remember my “moment of silence” at the end of the pool season? Yes, I LOVE Summer!

Fall? . . . well, I’m working on that one.

Let’s see. The benefits of Fall are:

1. Better hair days
2. The tree out front should stop dropping those nasty berries on my car
3. Football Sundays/dinner with my boys
4. Flannel pajamas (so comfy)
5. Great photo ops of colorful trees (I have a thing about trees)
6. Thanksgiving (My favorite meal of the year)
7. Get to leave the windows open (love love fresh air)
8. I DO like Orange.
9. This list is a work in progress (tougher than I thought it’d be)

I need to think positively. I need to think positively. I need to think positively.