After our non-lighthouse turned butterfly-hiking photo trip, we were hot, tired and hungry. So we decided to save the Cape Henry Lighthouse in Virginia Beach for another day and opted to find food. I’d seen on Facebook where a friend of mine had posted a picture of this monster sandwich from a place on Virginia Beach Blvd. We had to go right past it, so I thought it was the perfect place to take my oldest man-child to eat. HE CAN EAT!

Everyone that I spoke to about this place said that there’s NO WAY anyone can finish a sandwich there and I touted, “Well, they haven’t met my boy!” Everyone scoffed.


We easily found the place and went in. It seemed harmless enough. It was between lunch and dinner so there were only a handful of people in there. And then we noticed the shirts that the people that worked there were wearing. They all said on the back of the shirt, “If you finish, then we’ve made a mistake”. My hungry man-child took that as a direct personal challenge. (He’s incredibly competitive – a trait he inherited from his father’s side of the family)

The menu was expansive – SO much to choose from. It was tough for me to decide. But Chris, being a very visual person, saw the big picture of the Route 58 Deli signature sandwich, The Monster Rueben Burger, and he was sold. I finally opted for the Triple D which was promoted with a picture of Guy Fieri from TV show, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, on The Food Network. (We LOVE that show!)

She brought mine out first. Only I was thinking that it was odd that they put BOTH our sandwiches on one plate. Okay. I figured I’d roll with it. But it turns out that it was ALL my sandwich. Holy Cow!!!


The Triple D! It’s pastrami, smoked turkey, coleslaw, roast beef and Russian dressing. (The pastrami was to die for!) But each layer was an inch thick. This sandwich had to weigh five pounds.

Then they brought out an order of fries. They were part of Chris’ order. He started on the fries while I tried to figure out HOW to eat my sandwich. It was definitely a challenge. So I opted to go at it one layer at a time with a knife and fork. I realize that I looked like a pansy, but hey, who was I trying to impress?


Now for the Big Daddy Sandwich, The Monster Rueben Burger! OMG! This picture doesn’t seem to portray exactly how MONSTER this sandwich truly is.


And neither does this one really. It looks smaller in the picture. . . if you can believe that.

So now the question is: Did Route 58 Deli “make a mistake” when they made Chris’ sandwich? Did he really eat the whole thing?

YES! Yes, they did make a mistake. Because yes, he did finish it. AND his fries.

The waitress came by and was SHOCKED. She said that as long as she’s worked there, she could count on one hand how many people have been able to eat the whole thing.

Then she looked at me and my sandwich and said, “Awh! That’s cute.” speaking of the tiny little dent that I put in one half of my sandwich. I brought mine home and Chris came by the next day and ate two very large sandwiches. I ate one medium size sandwich. And there is still enough meat in there for two more large sandwiches.

The sandwiches are pricey, but if you factor in that the average person can eat for three days, it’s really a pretty good deal. . . and a lot of fun!

And to think my friends scoffed.