Anyone who knows my friend, Mo, knows how much she obsesses loves Mike Rowe. It’s a well known fact amongst her friends. So anytime her friends feel she needs a pick-me-up, a giggle, a blush, and/or a smile, they send her something Mike Rowe related (a link, a picture, a video, whatever has Mike’s face (or jeans) on it). Yesterday, Jen sent her a link to this.


I love it! In fact, I like the whole site – It’s got a whole bunch of celebrity look-alikes, funny pictures, cute pictures, clever pictures, etc. But THESE really caught my eye as funny.





NOT because I’m a big Star Trek fan, because I’m NOT. But my boss is. As is evidence of these guys standing around our office.


Seriously. These guys are part of our office staff. Their main job is to scare the crap out of the cleaning crew. DeWitte and I even move them around the office from time to time to scare the crap out of each other. (He screams like a little girl when I catch him by surprise)

I just realized that I posted these guy’s picture before – one year ago this month – for National Boss’s Day. . . back when I LOVED my job. Truly, there WAS a day when I did.

**singing “Memories!”