I won the Baby-Pool!! 10-10-10 was THE day! The day I became a grandmother. The day my heart skipped a beat.

Although the DIL wasn’t due until 10-15-10, I had a . . . feeling. My son called me bright and early that morning and said, “Mama, you were right!” I squealed because I KNEW exactly what he was talking about (the much awaited day), but I still kept repeatedly asking “Really? Really?” My head was s.p.i.n.n.i.n.g..

He explained that her water broke and that they were at the hospital already and that there was no need to hurry as it was going to be a long day. I took him some breakfast and a couple of drinks, then back home to take a shower. (The hospital is literally one mile away from my house)

When I got back to the hospital, my ex was there in the waiting room. We had a pretty good time hanging out there (excited about our newfound grandparent status) watching Sunday Football while I kept going back and forth to the delivery room for a progress report. It WAS a long day! About 6:20 pm, sweet baby Kylee entered our world.


She got off to a rough start with some breathing problems and suspected heart problems and had to stay in the hospital for awhile longer that we’d expected. But she is home now and doing well. It was just a rough couple of weeks.

I’d never been so grateful as to have the hospital so close to my house and my work since I was back and forth a gajillion times a day. I tried not to be a complete pest, but I couldn’t help myself. My son and DIL never left the hospital. I delivered food and drinks and anything else they needed. (It made me feel useful in a helpless situation) We were all so worried for so long.


I just prayed and prayed for this little angel. She was so beautiful! It was so hard to believe that she was having so many problems inside. She had the most beautiful skin I’d ever seen on a baby from day one. My boys were born blotchy with misshapen heads and resembled little old men rather than the angelic babies I’d envisioned. Kylee was angelic! Kylee has stolen my heart.

And not that I’m biased or anything, but what a good baby!!! She’s very chill and rarely cries. When she does, it’s more of a squeak. Adam said, “It’s awesome how she cries so quietly.” I told him that she was just reeling him in; that she’d break out the big lungs later. She just had so much to deal with so early in her little life with the poking and proding and wires and tubes that I find it stunning that she’s just so chill.


I can’t wait to get to know this new little member of our family. I HAVE to take more pictures. I just hope that DIL (who is trying to break my heart) will let me. **a whole other story that I’m hoping some Zoloft can cure**