It’s been a month since I’ve written anything! September was a blur. Since my sad last day at the pool when I thought that life as I knew it would cease to exist, I haven’t really slowed down. While I joke about life without the pool and the sunshine, the reality is that I usually just throw a quick pity party and move on to other stuff. And move on, I quickly did.

September held a lot of new projects for me (I’m not complaining) that kept me busy. There was also a bit of drama. . . and anybody that knows me KNOWS that I don’t DO drama. But there it was. One thing I learned though. . . is that my two boys get me. They understand their mama and know my heart is in the right place. I love my babies!!!


Oh!! I finally made it to the beach last weekend (something I intended to do EVERY weekend after my blessed pool closed) and it was GREAT!! It was 98 degrees with a light breeze and GORGEOUS! It was also pretty busy at the beach. I guess 98 degrees at the end of September brought out ALL the locals. It was very nice. Especially since the high this weekend was 62 degrees. I was wearing a sweatshirt yesterday.


But then that’s the weather here in Virginia Beach. I remember when I first moved here 22 years ago in the dead of the winter from the BEAUTIFUL San Diego where it’s 72 degrees year-round, someone told me that if I didn’t like the weather, stick around 15 minutes and it’ll change. That was no joke. After all these years, I’m never surprised by the yoyoing weather.

The day after I went to the beach to lounge and read and relax, I went to the Neptune Festival at the boardwalk in Viriginia Beach. (The other beach I go to to sit and relax is a different beach) The boardwalk is the busy touristy beach, the beach I usually try to avoid.


There were ALOT of people there. But we were there looking at the art. It was very cool. They also have a sandcastle contest there every year.





These aren’t the best pictures. The fight for position to get a clean shot was crazy. And since I’m not the pushy type, I settled for these. The detail is absurd! MY sandcastles are literally a bucket with a twig stuck in the top and maybe a moat surrounding it if I want to get fancy. I didn’t take a picture of THAT.