Wow! Happy New Year and kick my butt! January is gone already. I swear if I didn’t take so many pictures to prove to me that January did, in fact, exist, I would swear that someone was tricking me. But I look back through my memory card and there’s the evidence. January WAS here.


My sweet, sweet granddaughter, Kylee, turned three months old. She was bundled up to go out in the snow that day with her rosy cheeks.


My sweet, sweet youngest baby, Adam, at his 25th birthday party. Twenty-five, people!! I was 25 years old when I had HIM! And it wasn’t THAT long ago either!!!! I still remember a neighbor when we lived in San Diego who had two teenagers say to me when my babies were just about two and three years old, “Treasure this age now because it’ll be gone in a flash.” My neighbor KNEW of which she spoke, let me tell you. But at the time, I was so busy chasing them through the yard trying to wrangle them into the house, sort of like herding cats, that I brushed her comment off like she was just talking to make conversation. Then I blinked a couple of times and my babies were grown. How did she DO that?


We held Adam’s birthday party at his dad’s house where Kylee was subsequently kidnapped by her grandpa. I think he’d honestly keep her forever if Adam wouldn’t fight him for her. He wasn’t even THAT smitten with his own babies when they were babies. It must be a girl thing. And Kylee doesn’t even know it yet, the power she has with her grandpa, because this little girl has him completely wrapped around her finger.


This past weekend (still January), the sun actually came out. It was so shocking and so joyous that even though it was still only 40 degrees, Chris and I went outside to enjoy the rays. We did what we do. . . take pictures. (Only he’s really good at it. I’m just the sidekick trying to learn from the master.)


We went down to the beach where we successfully froze our buns OFF. Chris was multi-tasking and geocaching at the same time. There was one hidden in Mr. Neptune there.


So we had to brave the bitter wind to go find it. I think Mr. Neptune needs a shirt on. It was brutal cold.


Then we drove over to First Landing State Park. There were more geocaches there. I tagged along taking pictures of where I want to build my house. I want to clear out that spot behind that tree and plop me a little bungalow right on the water. It was so beautiful in that spot. I’m going to go back when it’s not freezing ass cold so I can REALLY enjoy the view.


Parallel to the beach was this trail. I love trails. I have to add that to my list. I have a thing about trees. I already knew that, but dang if I don’t love trails too. This one was covered with hanging moss. It was very cool.


Then it was over to Fort Story to see the lighthouses. We had our little jaunt with lighthouses over this past summer traveling to North Carolina and up to the Eastern Shore, but kept bypassing these two little gems right in our backyard.



This is the new one that was built to replace the old one above it. Now the old one is open to tourists. Chris climbed it to take pictures from the top. We only had enough cash on us for one of us go up, so I gladly stayed behind in the gift shop chatting with the old guy that runs the place. We’d already walked about 4 trillion miles that day. . . I didn’t want to push my luck with TOOOO much exercise. My body would go into shock and shut down.

When Chris came down, he said, “Owh, my legs hurt! You’d have died, mom. You’d have never made it!” I told him that HIS grandmother, MY mother, climbed it just a couple of years ago when her brother came for a visit. He refused to believe me (but she did) because in his eyes. . . she’s OLD!!!!! (she’s 69 – not 109, for goodness sake!)

Anyway, there it is. January. It WAS here, but I swear it was like the wind. Swoosh and gone! I guess I’m going to have to keep taking pictures. That seems to be the proof I need that someone’s not playing tricks with the calendar. Let’s see if February slows down a little bit so I can wrap my brain around it. Geez.