Not exactly like Hank Williams Jr. wrote it (we don’t “get stoned and sing all night long”), but we DO have our family traditions.

With my youngest child getting married and adding a new wife/daughter-in-law to the family, this quiet young girl has had to adjust to our dingdong family traditions pretty quickly. And along with all the different personality traits she’s had to become accustomed to, there’s also the holiday traditions and. . . . birthday traditions!

I LOVE doing birthdays! Not MY birthday. Other people’s birthdays. And sweet DIL just celebrated her 21st birthday. I couldn’t let it slide under the radar. That’s just not my style. No sir.

And apparently I taught my male child well in the art of birthday tradition because he did a VERY good job surprising her with a cake with 21 candles, a dozen roses and a birthday card with a heartfelt letter inside. (We women love those!)


I took them to dinner


along with my oldest boy and their dad. (It was only awkward for their dad. I don’t know why. I don’t get awkward around HIM.)

And then I made dinner on Saturday for her, Adam, Chris and my mom complete with birthday cake.


See how adorable she is! The cake is sad though. She had asked for a strawberry cake, so I used a cake mix, canned frosting and squirty stuff to write with. I’m not used to either of those. I don’t often make cakes using a cake mix, or frosting out of a can. And apparently I’m inept in the art of picking out the squirty stuff to write with. I picked up what was called “Cookie Frosting” and me using my Donna Logic thought, “How different is cake frosting and cookie frosting?” I just wanted something with a little squirty tip so I could write Happy Birthday. Frosting is frosting, right?

Well. . . . not so much. It’s VERY different. Nothing like practicing on the real deal too. It didn’t turn out very pretty. Everyone seemed to like it though, I didn’t so much. Maybe I’m just a cake mix snob. Who knows.

Either way, I think Shelley had a great birthday WEEK! At least she knows what she’s in for next year.