Many things have kept me away from my computer here at home this summer, thus the reason for no posts on my little old website. First, I was sick for over a week with something horrible that felt like the flu, but WHO has the flu in July? Not me. I don’t even get the flu in December.

Second, my Internet access moved, as in packed its bags and left. Now there’s a story.

A couple of years ago, my modem started acting up. Well, it just stopped working. And in my plight of playing my own technical support person (cuz I rock like that), I was diddling with my wireless connectivity and stumbled upon a tremendous signal from my next door neighbors (who were incidentally just on the other side of my wall in this condo). They were an extremely nice young couple and I told them what I was doing. They didn’t mind. I told them that I would only use their signal until I got around to calling the cable company for a new modem.

Hence, my procrastination and two years later, they up and moved. Did I really put it off for two years? Had two whole years really passed already? Leaving me with nothing? As it turns out, yes I did. And not a single other signal could be found. I’ve been lost. SO lost. And I’d felt so alone too. But I still procrastinated making the call. (I have a phone phobia to be honest with you) Finally, last week I went by the cable place in person. (I do “in person” a lot better than the I do the phone – I know, I’m . . . special that way). I explained to them what I’d done. I was honest, especially because for the two years, I had continued to PAY for my Internet access. (I didn’t want to be a complete loser and cheat) They didn’t bat an eyelash at my story, like they heard that kind of thing everyday. The lady sold me everything I needed and I was on my merry way.

As I was getting ready for my oldest boy’s birthday (more on that later), I let it sit in the box for a couple more days. Then I pick the perfect time to try to hook it up. . . while said oldest son’s birthday cake was in the oven. Seems like a logical time, doesn’t it? What is wrong with ME?

I THOUGHT I could hook it up really quickly, but I was sadly mistaken. . . what with the crawling all around the floor, the moving of furniture, the jillion wires tangled all over the place, and the mounds of cat hair that layed hidden behind my desk (Don’t I vacuum around this joint?). Coughing and sputtering, I followed all of the instructions (AFTER I’d tried it solo with no success) and it STILL told me that I needed to call Technical Support. Grrrrr!

The oven buzzed that the cake was ready. The cake needed to cool, so I went ahead, took a deep breath, gnashed my teeth, bit the bullet and called their precious Technical Support. Have I mentioned how badly I hate the phone? Well Technical Support dude was very nice. He was very nice for 45 minutes! He apologized over and over for my troubles. He even assured me that I had done everything correctly, that the problem was on their end. Wasn’t that sweet? It DID keep me from invisioning an icepick stuck in his head.

Then finally, Internet access!!! Mission accomplished. I could move on to the cake. . . that was WELL cooled by then. But by golly, I had my lifeline back in working order. Wheeee!