After traveling all day long, locating and photographing three lighthouses, and coming face to face with Mother Nature on the beach thus diverting our plan to continue to the next lighthouse, we headed back over the bridge toward home.


As we went further north over the bridge, the sun started coming back out.


What a welcomed site that was after the ugly and relentless rain we’d just gone through. And although it had been a rather enjoyable day despite a couple of minor hiccups, we were getting tired ten hours into our vacation. Hungry and thirsty, we debated whether to continue another couple of hours on home or try to grab a hotel room, some dinner and some beverages. The odds of finding an available room anywhere in Nags Head on a Friday night during tourist season was probably not going to lean in our favor. So we decided to let fate make that decision for us. I said, “Let’s stop at this hotel and see if they have anything available. If they do, we stay. If they don’t, we head on home.” Cool.

I pranced into the hotel and with pleading eyes asked if there was anything available. He said, “Yes.” Wheeee! “We have ONE room, 5th floor, ocean view.” Were the Gods smiling down on me or WHAT! I said, “We’ll take it!!” No way did I expect such a sweet room. But 5th floor ocean view? Seriously? This was shaping up to be a fantastic day!


Chris had never stayed in a hotel with an ocean view before. This was our view. We couldn’t believe our luck. After grabbing a pizza from across the street and a few beers and taking them back to our room, we sat out on the balcony. . . . and relaxed.

I have to note this for our family history books. . . Chris (my high-strung man-child) said, “This is really relaxing.” MY boy said “relaxing”. I’d finally found the key to my child’s need for perpetual motion. It just comes at $250 a night. Sorry child, you can only relax one day a year on my dime.


We watched the sun set (although a bit hazy) and just chilled. We talked about the day and how much fun we had. And we marveled at some of the shots we’d gotten. Chris even relented and said that even though we were too late getting to the Hatteras Lighthouse to tour it, he was happy that I was able to get my lightning shot. I mean, it WAS a cool picture.


The clouds started disipating a bit and out came a full moon. This day just kept getting better and better.


So we spent another hour or so trying to get the perfect picture of the moon and the glow it casted out over the ocean water. It was so beautiful! But I’m not a skilled enough photographer to even know how to capture something like that. But I tried.


Chris set his alarm clock to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to photograph the sunrise. (He’s more enthusiastic than me) But his luck wasn’t with him. It was overcast and drizzling rain. But another couple of hours later I decided to drag my fanny out of bed, this was our view! Bright and sunshiny! It was going to be another great day!

IMG_5861_3 IMG_5863_3

This is Chris and I from our hotel balcony just before leaving our fabulous hotel and heading home. It seemed that the trip home went incredibly quick. Why did it seem to take so much longer getting down there than it did to go home? Whatever the answer, it was a great little impromtu vacation! We’re very lucky to have such fun things to do within such a short distance. Anything can be done in a day trip, or if you’d rather kick back and really relax, you can just as easily turn it into a weekend thing. Good times!