and the can won.” Yes, similar to “I fought the law and the law won”. That song has been in my head for two weeks now, ever since I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to see if I could butterfly fillet my right index finger with a can of strawberries and a sucky can opener. It turns out not to be such a brilliant idea. In fact, it downright sucks. I have found that I have taken my index finger for granted all my life, not giving it any credit whatsoever in my day-to-day functions.

I am here and now apologizing to said index finger, for it holds a very viable position on my predominant hand and in my life. Wiping one’s behind, for instance, with said predominant hand was once a luxury . . . . now not so much. It’s awkward. My left arm is about as coordinated as drunk duck. I can barely feed myself with the dang thing.

Typing without an index finger proves challenging, as does maneuvering one’s mouse and clicking the clicky thing. And we’re not even talking about the throbbing that takes place when my hand falls below my heart. Ouch! I basically walk around with my hand in the air as if everyone that I come into contact with thinks I’m indicating that they’re number one.

So leave it to me to get the itch to blog again after a pretty lengthy absence and have a bum hand. To all my friends who have been concerned about my absence from the world wide web, thank you for caring. I just had a rough couple of months. Between my job (that I take WAY too seriously), the holidays (I try to do WAY too much and end up stressing myself out completely), my brother’s mental health issues and my own crazy brain issues (I’ll get into that story as soon as they get a clue as to what’s going on), I haven’t had the energy or the heart to put anything into writing.

BUT! Stella’s getting her groove back. Even though my favorite hobbies (cooking and my camera) are sorta on the backburner for a little while, I do still have a lot of crazy stuff that going on that I can certainly write about (for the few of you that actually read this stuff).


Here’s to getting back on course.