Another one bites the dust. Like David Copperfield did a magic trick, 2010 disappeared before my eyes. I called myself watching for the slight of hand, but by golly, I never saw it. . . again. It happened so fast – another year gone!

2010 was a pretty big year. I can’t complain.


I became a grandma for the first time with my granddaughter Kylee joining our family. After having had two boys, I look forward to a little “girl time”.


I met my blog friend, Momma (my Southern Soul Sista), for the first time as all of her biggest supporters congregated in Florida to watch her graduate from Nursing school. So proud!


I won the SuperBowl of Fantasy Football!! Whoohoooo! “Miss, I don’t know nothin’ about football”, as my brother-in-law (Gridiron Animals) snarkily lovingly calls me, turned out to be a quick study after losing my first game. I HAD to figure out how this Fantasy Football stuff worked. One thing I’ve learned from my ex-husband’s family is competitiveness. If you don’t fight to win, they will take you down and then bury you. (It’s a well documented family fact) Gosh, it was fun! Now that it’s over, watching football just isn’t the same.


I experienced my first Spa Day EVER in my life. Let’s just say that that’s a whole different blog post in and of itself. More later.


I had my first White-Day-After-Christmas in my whole life. It was really something. I’ve never seen so much snow being the Mississippi girl. A dusting would thrill us, but this stuff just about buried us. My poor Jeep had a chat with me letting me know that he disapproved.


My Jeep let me know in no uncertain terms that it was a SUMMER vehicle meant strictly to be driven with the top down on sandy beaches, not this white stuff. It did really well in the snow despite all of its disdain.


My sister was here visiting for Christmas and got to enjoy (not her first) White-Day-After-Christmas. I think she was having fun until they canceled her flight home stranding her here for four more days.


So she made a friend. She called him Vince. I can’t say as I’ve ever had a snowman in my front yard.


AND I hit 50 years old! A half a century! THAT sure happened fast!! It’s only been a hot minute since my 30th birthday which I remember vividly. I still FEEL like I’m thirty. I just don’t look at what Mother Nature has done to me. I bounce right through life with my happy little blinders on and live life from the inside out, not the outside in. That’s what I tell myself as I avert my eyes from every mirror in the house.

So all in all, I can declare that after 2010, I am now a 50 year old SuperBowl winning, first-time Grandma who enjoyed a white day after Christmas and her first spa day ever. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2011. Bring it!