I used to be such a sweet girl. I did. I used to be gullible and naive too. I used to be a doormat – for many, many years. People that have known me from back in those days are truly shocked at the transformation. Those that have just met me in recent years just think I’m wicked.

It boils down to this: I have no tolerance for bullshit anymore. I have no tolerance for people that don’t do their jobs. I have no tolerance for whiners. I have no tolerance for ignorant people who spew at the mouth like rabid raccoons. I have no tolerance for condescension. I have no tolerance for liars, snakes in the grass, and shady behavior. I have no tolerance for backstabbers. I have no tolerance for bullies, mean people, and assholes. I have no tolerance for people who mistake my gender, my Southern accent, my blonde hair, and my over-sized boobs as weakness or lack of intelligence. (Actually, I pity THAT fool.) Yet, they’re all around me! Everywhere I turn lately on a daily basis. I can’t get away from them.

The problem comes in whereas I LIKE to be a sweet person. I have great intentions every morning when I wake up to be nothing but sweet and kind and to have a fabulous day. But then I run into one or more of these intolerable behaviors and my head bursts into flames. It’s been happening for the past year.

I blame it on menopause, but it truly could be that I’m just sick and tired of being taken advantage of, walked on, and made to look like something I’m not and I’ve finally started standing up for myself. It’s hard work, but dangit, somebody’s gotta do it!


[All of this is purely a big, fat, totally generic vent-fest. It was one of those days.]