Because it’s November and the Fall colors are in full effect right now, and because it was only 70 degrees and sunny out, my oldest son and I went to a local park this past weekend to take some pictures. My boss’s wife is a professional photographer and she recently posted a picture taken from this same park and posted it on Facebook. It was SO incredibly gorgeous. I asked Chris if he knew about this park and “Duh Mom!”.


It was a very nice trail that wound around a lake. I’d driven past this lake for the past 15 years and never once had I figured out how to get to it. Chris had been taking photos at this lake as long as he’s owned a camera. It’s one of his favorite places to go. I just had no idea that it was so close to my house. Note to self: Get out more!


If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you already know my love for the sun and the water.


But I also have another fetish. . .trees. . . don’t ask because I have no idea. But I found that I was in paradise here.


I truly have this thing about trees. Love them!! A single tree in a pasture, a row of trees on a walkway, a cluster of trees bursting with color. . . L.O.V.E. them!!


Now that I’ve acquainted myself with this park, I’d like to come back and take the same photos from the same spots in each season. Must mark that on my To-Do List.


Do these colors not just scream Thanksgiving? I hope you all have a very lovely day tomorrow full of love, family and thanks.