For Mother’s Day, my two boys planted flowers for me in my front yard. And despite the blazing 100+ degree weather, I’ve managed to keep them alive so far. Which is a feat in and of itself where MY thumb is involved. It’s not so green. I can kill plastic flowers. Seriously.


But so far, I was doing well. . . considering. See how pretty they started out.


Anyway, lately I’ve been out trying my heart out to water and nourish my poor, thirsty flowers. This one was waving at me, saying, “Hey Lady!!! Can you spare a drink?”


Then I started noticing a bit of a problem.


What is this? I wondered. Each day I would go out and more and more leaves were just disappearing. A LOT of leaves! Not like an insect had invaded them. No. It was much more than that.


Leave to my trusty cat who sits in this window and goes all shades of apeshit when she sees another cat outside to find the culprit. She was in the window LOSING HER MIND when I saw what she was after.


It wasn’t another cat. It was a BUNNY. A BABY bunny. The waskally wabbit! Busted!!! I caught it red-handed (so to speak). Chowing down! On MY flowers!


I wanted to be mad, but he was just so tiny and SO cute. And not very afraid. He let me get pretty close. But I didn’t know what to do with him if I actually caught him. So I let him hop away. Since then, I’ve seen him hopping down the sidewalk passing my house as if to say, “I’ve gotten everything I can at that house. Yep, stripped her clean. Now on to greener pastures.”

I think I’d rather just leave out a head of lettuce for the little tike. It would certainly be a lot cheaper than my flowers.