Give me a sec and you’ll see why I titled this post the way I did.

A little precursor. . . I started blogging way back in the beginning of 2006 on MSN Spaces before branching off to my website here and long before I’d even heard of Facebook. Back in the day, I immediately met some really nice people from all walks of life, different ages, different countries even. It was enlightening and . . . well, FUN reading stories about lives, their cultures, their goals, their dreams. . . getting to know them. . . becoming real friends.

I’ve blogged about meeting my blog friends from Seattle (where I became an official member of the RahRahs). I’ve blogged about meeting my Southern Soul Sista from Pensacola. Now I’m blogging about my dear, sweet friend from South Africa. . . all the way on the other side of the world. I haven’t met her yet, but maybe one day.

Julz is a young lady (not much older than my oldest baby) who is SO incredibly full of life, energy, passion and talent. She’s absolutely infectious! She beams happiness! Loves her family and friends fiercely! She’s a straight-shooter with a fabulous sense of humor. AND has more (undiscovered) singing talent than a lot of the mainplayers on the radio today. I say “undiscovered”, but I should add YET. I have no doubt in this girl’s talent, her heart, her drive and her kindness. She’ll be big one day! I have faith.


Last week, I received a Christmas card from my dear friend, Julz from South Africa. She had mailed it before Thanksgiving in hopes of arriving by Christmas. But due to the postal service and their commitment to timely delivery **note sarcasm**, I received it three months later. But you know what? It didn’t matter! I ripped it open as if it were Christmas morning. . . so excited. A Christmas card from South Africa!


And she included this keychain. She said it’s made by South Africans and the proceeds go to the purification of water in rural Africa. See how her heart works?! It is such a special gift to me that I will treasure for many years.

Both of our blogs have suffered a great demise (I blame Facebook), but we still keep in touch. Thank goodness for Facebook and email.

I am so happy to have taken that brave step into the unknown blogworld five years ago. I would have never known this bright spirit that I call my South African friend. And I’d have one less star shining in my day. Thank you Julz!!