What a busy past couple of weekends! And they’re getting shorter and shorter too. Last week, we helped my youngest son and his wife move into their new apartment. It’s completely refurbished with brand new everything and looks very nice. It’s large compared to most apartments around here; twice the size of his brother’s apartment. They’re looking forward to a clean, fresh start there with all the remnants of the old girlfriend GONE.

This past weekend, same youngest son purchased his very first car. For years, he’d been driving the car his dad gave him in high school (it eventually crapped out), then an old car that a friend of mine gave him (same story), then my oldest boy’s old Explorer that his dad gave him in high school. That one has about petered out too regardless of how many parts we’ve been throwing at it. It’s down to the transmission now and his patience had run OUT! So off he and his dad went car shopping.


And he did good. It’s not really what he wanted, but it was the best car that he could find in his price range. I think he did good. It’s nice, very low miles and four-door. . . perfect for the carseat that will need to be installed in seven months.

That’s right! I’m going to become a grandma in October! The had their first doctor’s visit this morning and everything is perfect. Adam called me so excited having heard the little heartbeat. He’s already saying that he “just knows” that it’s a girl. I tend to believe his gut instinct (although if I actually had a choice in the matter, I’d choose a boy – it’s all I know). You see, I KNEW that my oldest was going to be a boy without question. My second pregnancy was SO completely different from my first that I was certain that it would be a girl just for that reason. Turns out that he was just upside down, henceforth the difference I reckon. Anyway, now my baby is having a baby, and he is so happy!


This past Saturday was my little sister’s birthday. We spent many hours on the phone. We can’t believe the numbers that show up on our birthday cakes lately. When did we blink and become our mother’s age? We still feel the exact same as we did when we were girls. But the numbers don’t lie. Well, hers lie (MINE don’t) because she REALLY looks 20 years younger.


See! Happy Birthday Sister!!!