“Some of their dreams came true / Some just passed away / And some of them stayed behind / Inside the sad cafe.”
–The Eagles – “The Sad Cafe” (1979)

Even though it’s such a sad song, it came to mind today as I reflected on the end of the weekend. The closing of my pool. Such a sad day for me.

The pool is where I go to just sit. I don’t just sit in my house very often. I feel guilty as if I’m wasting time if I sit in the house and do nothing. But I can sit outside for hours on end in the warmth of the sunshine doing nothing. I take that back. . . I always have a book in my hand of some sort. That’s when I’m not chatting it up with my neighbors who have come to know me as the main staple of the pool. “You always see Donna out here; come rain or shine.” (They make me sound like the mailman)

Anyway, the sun, the water, the outdoors, the fresh air are all like an elixor for me. It gives me energy. It soothes my soul and all that ails me. It lifts me up when I’m feeling down. (That sounds like a song) It makes everything in my life seem brighter.

Now it’s closed. And I feel sad.

Thank goodness the beach is so close. I can’t make daily trips like I did to my pool, but it’ll be there on the weekends as long as the weather is nice.

Have sun. Will travel.